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Continuing the tradition of the previous years, the 2018 Global INSTO Meeting offered already established observatories as well as interested destinations and other tourism stakeholders to exchange experiences, learn about best practices and advance together in their monitoring efforts at the local level. To further advance the dialogues among all participants, the 2018 Meeting included another Mentoring Breakfast, presentations from destinations showcasing their specific cases, different thematic discussions as well as interactive, practical sessions with examples of specific monitoring processes.







Introducing the newest INSTO Members

South Tyrol, Italy, Anna Scuttari, South Tyrol Sustainable Tourism Observatory (Italy) (PPT) (Video)

Alentejo, Portugal, Jaime Serra, Alentejo Sustainable Tourism Observatory (Portugal) (PPT) (Video)

Panama City, Panama, Antonio Alfaro, Observatory of the City of Panama (Panama) (PPT) (Video)

Session I: Latest experiences related to the socio-cultural impacts of tourism

Croatian Sustainable Tourism Observatory, Ivan Kozic, Croatian Sustainable Tourism Observatory (PPT) (Video)

Keynote: MITOMED+ Translating Destination Needs into Data Needs, Ana Moniche, Andalusia Regional Government/NECSTouR (PPT) (Video)

Keynote: Big Data Applied to Tourism Mobility, Jose Javier Ramasco, Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics & Complex Systems (IFIC) (PPT) (Video)

Session II: Latest experiences related to the environment impacts of tourism

Sao Paulo Natural Resources in Urban Tourism Destinations, Fabio Montanheiro, Sao Paulo Tourism & Events Observatory (Brazil) (PPT) (Video)

The Sonoma Sustainable Tourism Observatory, Pamela Lanier, Sonoma County Sustainable Tourism Observatory (PPT) (Video)

Keynote: Advances in the Spanish Smart Destination Initiative, Carlos Romero Dexeus, Director RDI, Segittur – Smart Destination Initiative (PPT) (Video)

Session III: Latest experiences related to the economic impacts of tourism

Guanajuato Tourism Observatory, Teresa Matamoros, Secretary of Tourism of Guanajuato, Guanajuato Tourism Observatory (Mexico) (PPT) (Video)

Keynote: UNWTO Statistics Department: MST Project, John Kester, Director Statistics, UNWTO – MST Project (PPT) (Video)

Keynote: Latest Developments in Location Intelligence, Jaime de Mora, VP Sales International, Carto (PPT) (Video)

Workshop Session: Opportunities Deriving from Spatial Data Analysis

Opportunities Deriving from Spatial Data Analysis, Raúl Jiménez Ortega, Head of Startup and Spin-off programs, ESRI

The Experience of Eurac Research and South Tyrol Region with Spatial Analysis, Anna Scuttari, Researcher, Eurac Research


Workshop Session: Building a Smart Destination Data Platform

Tourism Information System, Luis Javier Gadea, Manager Segittur

Buenos Aires Tourism Observatory, Federico Esper, Director General, Market Intelligence and Observatory, Buenos Aires Tourism Board (Argentina)

Data Analytics for Tourism Management, Sérgio Guerreiro, Senior Director, Turismo de Portugal



Sustainable Tourism Observatories continue to be established all around the world, serving as instruments for improved evidence generation at the destination level.

To connect destinations and foster knowledge-exchange, UNWTO hosts annual Global INSTO Meetings, where new, already established and interested destinations as well as other interested tourism stakeholders can exchange experiences, learn best practices and advance together in their monitoring efforts. The changing content of the annual INSTO meetings is linked to the advances within the field of tourism measurement as the sector is currently experiencing a consolidation of measurement efforts at the local level, moving towards more strategically aligned and integrated approaches.

The first Global INSTO Meeting was held in 2016 and introduced destinations to the redesigned framework of the network, giving participants the chance to familiarize themselves with the initiative and its mission and to jointly explore the status quo in measurement at the destination level. Building on this, the second meeting in 2017 offered participants the opportunity to discuss more specific qualitative and quantitative methods to monitor tourism impacts at the local level and to learn about the newest developments in regard to non-traditional data and the opportunities deriving from new technological advances. In addition, it gave interested and new destinations the opportunity to be mentored by already advanced destinations. This year, the 2018 Global INSTO Meeting will take place on 22/23 October, focussing specifically on relevant practical steps when establishing and maintaining the efforts of an observatory, including interactive, practical examples of translating destination problems into tangible data problems.